About Us

Company Overview

Our company started its activities in 1975 with the production of machinery, automotive spare parts and cement factories under the name of Normsan Sanayi Kollektif Şirketi. In 1987, the company started to work related to the metal forging sector. In 1996, it continued its activities under the name of Aran Hot Forging.

Aran Hot Forging is a steel forging and processing factory in Istanbul - Arnavutköy which covers 4000 m2 indoor area of molding, forging and special machining operationsfacilities settled over 3200 m2 open area.

In our factory which also manufactures crankshafts, connecting rods, miscellaneous gears, gearboxes, axles, joints; production of parts of agricultural machinery and harvesters - especially fingers and knife guards for harvesters- account for 70% of total production. Other products produced include hydraulic connectors, medical implants, aluminum forgings and automobile spare parts.

Having current hammers and presses, Aran Hot Forging is a successful forging company with a capacity of 4500 tons/year, capable of forging various shaped parts between 0.25 - 50 kg in weight with minimum shrinkage.

Our company, which has been certified with TS EN ISO 9001:2015 international standard, presents its superior products produced with high productivity and its own professional - lean manufacturing methods to the world market without sacrificing quality with its long years of experience.

Aran Hot Forgin is a metal forging factory that has proved its technology and professionalism with medical implants that it has produced. It is a company that reassures its customers with its expertise and expert staff, and satisfies the service requested.