Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Aran Hot Forging, together with its employees, provides quality products and services with the understanding of continuous improvement by providing the satisfaction of its customers. Below are our core values to achieve that goal:

Our relationships with our employees, our customers and our suppliers are transparent and based on mutual trust. Being honest, fair and right, especially under difficult circumstances, is the basic element of our high reputation, and it will not and will not be any behavior that will damage the trust of the people and organizations we have done business in the past or in the future.

Our priorities are determined by our customers' priorities. It is our first priority to meet the expectations and needs of our customers and to evaluate and conclude their complaints as soon as possible. The "customer first" approach of our employees with the reliability of our products will give you the assurance of "I can not have a problem with Aran Hot Forging".

In order to satisfy the demands of the customers with the globalizing economy and the developing industry and to continuously increase our competitive power, it is our greatest aim to present our quality products in development consciousness, at first, on time and every time to our customers. Our aim is to offer a quality system to our customers that will not cause complaints rather than fullfilling complaints about our products and our system. Quality for our company is not a level attained and protected, but a goal renewed and developed according to the circumstances. We aim to establish the management system of our organization in the direction of continuous change and development of our quality. One of the important points that will achieve success is to produce the desired product in the shortest time possible, at the most appropriate price and in the way the customer desires. Quality is the safety of our future.

We believe that it is essential to give continuous training to all our employees in order to be able to serve our customers better, to maximize employee satisfaction, to adapt to changing world conditions and developing technology, and to work in order to create a dynamic, satisfying, creative and harmonious working atmosphere. We encourage cooperation among all organizational units to ensure this and ensure that our employees are involved in all aspects of our activities. We provide training and support to our employees in the organization and on the way to our needs, with the necessary development and training of our employees to bring people and jobs to the professional level.

We believed that the products we provide at world standards, our leading position we have, are the best we can do, contrary to the concept of continuous improvement. We can make a difference to our opponetnts, however, by doing our job better and exceeding customer expectations. In order to be able to always go one step beyond the quality that we have achieved for this purpose, we have to comply with the requirements of the quality management system, increase its effectiveness, continualize it and renew ourselves according to the new condition. In this direction, we make our changes without delay, with the plans we have created together with all of our employees. Our quality is our safety and the safety of our system and ourselves. With the training and participation of our employees, it will be possible for us to continue to produce quality products

We regard protection of the environment as both a national and an international issue. For this reason leaving our nature we inherited from the past as clean and livable to our children is an integral part of our quality understanding.