As Aran Hot Forging, our first goal is to produce quality products that meet your requirements without any mistakes at first time. In this context, all quality control applications are carried out in the first product commissioning and all production starts and production is continued afterwards.

At the beginning and continuation of production;
- Continuous monitoring,
- Dimensional analysis,
- Computer assisted metallographic examination
- Surface hardness analysis and depth scanning
are performed using certified devices, according to international standards.

Our devices:

- Nikon Eclipse MA100 Microscope - NIS-Elements
- Zwick / Roell ZHVμ Micro Vickers Hardness Tester - Clemex CMT
- Metkon PORCIPOL 2V Sanding and Polishing Machine
- METKON METACUT 251 Sample Cutting Device
- Mitutoyo Digital Microwaves and Calipers